The other day i let my impulses get the better of me. I do this from time to time without any concern for anyone else. And maybe it’s because my feelings of neglect or the fact that no one seems to give a shit, but a few people out there were really hurt by what i did. My girlfriend does so much for me and i deserve none of it and all of it. But she deserves far more than i can give her. I want her to be happy and if that means i need to man up and stop being such a fucking drunk child then i guess thats what i got to do. If any of my friends are reading this I’m sorry i freaked you all out by going missing. And Alyssa, I love you and i’m sorry and i hope this all helps. I admit my mistakes and my never-ending faults but i also admit my un-relenting love for you and all that you are. Come home soon.


Behind the scenes of Evil Dead II (1987).


I love rehearsal

My guitarist is a fucking beast


The Wrens circa 1997, ineptly exposed, developed, and printed by me. That dust was not actually on Kevin, just on my film. 
One of those great all-ages shows back in the day, where you could stand about four feet from the band…


promo foto, ca. 1982-83

My bands playing saturday night. If your in chicago come out!


Liz Harris

My dads still in the hospital so I’m in the burb’s listening to Retsin and reading comics waiting for the Mexico vs. Brazil game.



Ride - Bristol Poly, Feb 1990